SL11B-Sim Guide

A comprehensive list of the exhibits can be found on this page with listings by sim on subsequent pages. If you are looking for a particular exhibitor’s name, use search in your browser or in our website (the magnifying glass in the upper right corner) to find their location. All links give SLurls, which open in all standard SL viewers. Please link back to this page if using the information in your own site.

On Ikarus Trails by Aeon Voom on SL11B Pizzazz

The Blackened Mirror by Aisling Sinclair on SL11B Fascinate

The rest of the way together by Alana Pyara on SL11B Fascinate

SWRP – Star Wars Role-Play by Alayni Axelrad on SL11B Pizzazz

Pencil Dresses & How far they have come! by Alejandra Jumanya on SL11B Beguile

Revise the next by Aliza Karu on SL11B Spellbound

Doors by Allison Selene by Allison Selene on SL11B Pizzazz

The World’s most Frustrating Simple Game! by AlmostThere Inventor on SL11B Wonderous

Summer Blast by Anthonys Republic on SL11B Spellbound

An Adventure In Time and Space by April Kohl on SL11B Beguile

Blake’s Deep by Ardour Allen on SL11B Spectacular

National Space Society in SL by Ariel Miranda on SL11B Spectacular

En Garde Champions League by Aries Oh on SL11B Wonderous

Amazing Dreamz by arniek Resident on SL11B Fascinate

SL Project Hope by Arwen Mannonen on SL11B Enchant

Blue Lotus Okiya portal to our world by Aryanna DeCuir on SL11B Beguile

GOHA; Today & Tomorrow by Ashlene McMinnar on SL11B Beguile

The NeoVictoria Project: Steampunk ~ Dark Roleplay ~ by Asil Ares on SL11B Spellbound

Tales of the Future by Asmita Duranjaya on SL11B Spellbound

Noosphere by Attica Bekkers on SL11B Beguile

Slave by Ballyhoo Resident on SL11B Astound

BamPu Legacies and The Photographers of SL by bambichicque resident on SL11B Enchant

Creations Park ~ Creations for Parkinson’s by Barbie Alchemi on SL11B Beguile

The Mind of Design by Bee Dumpling on SL11B Fascinate

London City Looking Forward by Billy Arentire on SL11B Spellbound

SLNewser Office Building by Bixyl Shuftan on SL11B Fascinate

A Room Between by Blue Tsuki on SL11B Pizzazz

Ruca Tease Island by bonadea avedon on SL11B Beguile

The Domino Theory by bonvibre gans on SL11B Astound

Acadia Asylum – Living Library & Freebie Center by BrianL61 Landar on SL11B Wonderous

The Craft from the Future by Brogancael on SL11B Astound

Never Ending Dreams by Callie Cline on SL11B Enchant

Oh the things that you’ll see.. by Callipygian Christensen on SL11B Spellbound

Caledon Oxbridge at SL11B by Carl Metropolitan on SL11B Spectacular

Tugby! by Carla Eisenhart on SL11B Spectacular

THE TREE OF LIFE by Caro Fayray on SL11B Beguile

The Future of Nuclear Power as Seen from the Past by Catboy Qunhua on SL11B Fascinate

UFO Abduction by Cathiee Mcmillan on SL11B Astound

Empires of Future Past by Cesta Franizzi on SL11B Pizzazz

Raglan Shire 3014 by Chaffro Schoonmaker on SL11B Spectacular

Where Is My Mind? by ChagalVision Resident on SL11B Spellbound

Empires Coffee Shop by Charlie Navarathna on SL11B Spectacular

A blast from the past. Our toys grow up! by Chip Merlin on SL11B Wonderous

Deutsche Volkshochschule – vhs in virtueller Welt, by Chiria Celt on SL11B Beguile

Happy Hunting! by Cinders Vale on SL11B Fascinate

Wystenra Realistic Medieval RP by Cristalle Karami on SL11B Pizzazz

The Art Of Thinking by Daruma Resident on SL11B Beguile

“Le clair de terre” (Earth Light) inspired by Georges Melies by David DuCasse on SL11B Wonderous

The Reign of the Tudor Empire by Diamond Coronet on SL11B Spellbound

SL11B Leeward Cruising Club by diamond Marchant on SL11B Spectacular

Building for the future by Dimitri Mint on SL11B Beguile

SL11B Volunteer Lounge by Doctor Gascoigne on SL11B Astound

Follow the Heart by doctorhawk on SL11B Spectacular

A Theoretical extemporization through microscopic observation by Dousa Resident on SL11B Pizzazz

Brokeback LGBT Center
by Draghan Marksman on SL11B Spellbound

The Mind Within by dragonslord resident on SL11B Fascinate

The Four Visions of SL Future by DrFran Babcock on SL11B Spellbound

Crossroads of Life by Elin Egoyan on SL11B Enchant

East River Community by Elisha Paklena on SL11B Beguile

Writing Your Soul by Eliza Cabassoun on SL11B Fascinate

Exhale by Eliza Wierwight by Eliza Wierwight on SL11B Astound

Empires of the Mind by Elizabeth Spieler on SL11B Wonderous

Looking to the Future by Eme Capalini on SL11B Spectacular

KittyCatS! Build & Bake Birthday Company by Equinox Pinion on SL11B Wonderous

Come Sail with Us by erandra1 Resident on SL11B Spectacular

Mystic Empire of Life by eternalestrange on SL11B Beguile

Paint With Candy @ The Clockwork Cafe by Fauve Aeon on SL11B Pizzazz

Alcoholics Anonymous – Friends of Bill W. (FOBW) AA in SL by Fenix Muhindra on SL11B Spellbound

KunstKraxler by FirleFanz Roxley on SL11B Wonderous

PostmodernaSL by Flapman on SL11B Enchant

Phoenix Wave Team by Fran Gustav on SL11B Fascinate

Imaginarium by frankx lefavre on SL11B Fascinate

UWA Freedom Project by FreeWee Ling on SL11B Spectacular

SL11B Vote for Change by GeeJAnn Blackadder on SL11B Wonderous

Little Blue Fermi Sandbox celebrates SL11B! by Gillian Carthage on SL11B Pizzazz

Inside Art by Ginger Lorakeet on SL11B Enchant

Thought… Birth… Existence by Giovanna Cerise on SL11B Spellbound

Bitacora Travel Guide by Goizane Resident on SL11B Pizzazz

The Clocktower Maze by Gothicmuse on SL11B Pizzazz

Build Off World and Blender Benders by Graham Dartmouth on SL11B Spellbound

CF University, Boomer Esiason Foundation SL11B by Gramma Fiddlesticks on SL11B Wonderous

Berthold Steampunk Museum by Gunther Berthold on SL11B Astound

Dressage in SL: Olympic Horse Sports for the horse avatar in SL by H0neyHeart Resident on SL11B Beguile

All Things Aley, SL11B Branch by Han Held on SL11B Fascinate

Homeless by Harper Beresford on SL11B Fascinate

From DNA to Tree by Hiroshi Seoung on SL11B Spectacular

Advanced Lighting Model what can it do? by Holger Gilruth on SL11B Astound

The Other Side of Alphaville by Holocluck Henly on SL11B Pizzazz

Vernacular Visions by Indea Vaher on SL11B Beguile

The Isle Biedermann Museum by Isle Biedermann on SL11B Spellbound

SLPC – Second Life Processing Center by Israel Schnute on SL11B Spellbound

Antiquity by Jacon Cortes on SL11B Spellbound

The Real Empire of the Future. Our World. by Jam (gypsyjam01) on SL11B Spectacular

Biker Veterans Administration by Jardasius Ecksol on SL11B Astound

Heartseed “Pure” by Jedda Zenovka on SL11B Wonderous

The Willowdale Community @ SL11B by Jess Patton on SL11B Wonderous

Phoenix Firestorm Project by Jessica Lyon on SL11B Spectacular

Tribute City & Black Eagle Rock Club by jessii2009 Warrhol on SL11B Pizzazz

Written Word by Jilly Kidd on SL11B Wonderous

RELATIVELY MAD by Jimc Jiminy on SL11B Spectacular

1920s Berlin Project by Jo Yardley on SL11B Enchant

Through the Looking Glass by Jordynn Sandalwood on SL11B Astound

Qlock Werx Qnetic Art Werx by K3W Resident on SL11B Pizzazz

Beyond Time Designs Event productions by Kaine Lowenstark on SL11B Wonderous

The Escher Structure by Kayaker Magic on SL11B Enchant

Dreams: Still Lighting the Way by Kelyren Benoir on SL11B Beguile

Script Memory and CPU by Kerhop Seattle on SL11B Wonderous

Empire of the Air by Kerryth Tarantal on SL11B Spectacular

Somniatis by Khyle Sion on SL11B Pizzazz

Castle of the Clouds by Kilara Balnarring on SL11B Wonderous

The Aliens are Here! by Kittyboo Flux on SL11B Spectacular

The Virtual Mind sponsored by *SD* by Koyko Calamity on SL11B Fascinate

The Bell Jar  Wonderous #24 by krasnirex on SL11B Wonderous

Studio 1 – Manipulating the Fantasy by Kris Jakob on SL11B Astound

TIME FOR FREEDOM by Krystali Rabeni on SL11B Wonderous

Field of Dreams: Our Journey and Beyond by Landon Edenbaum on SL11B Beguile

New World Enlightenment Funhouse by Larre Leborski on SL11B Pizzazz

Guardians of Empires by Letty Luckstone on SL11B Pizzazz

Levi’s Stargazer by levi Ewing on SL11B Astound

Bear RIver by Lillith Siamendes on SL11B Wonderous

Helping Haven by Lily Swindlehurst on SL11B Spectacular

Twenty Fourteen by Linsey Carter on SL11B Fascinate

Willowdale Elementary and High School by Lisan2007 Rhode on SL11B Spellbound

Whole-Brain Health by Lissena Wisdomseeker on SL11B Beguile

Gill-Man Park by Livio Korobase on SL11B Fascinate

Lizz winstanley by Lizz Winstanley on SL11B Wonderous

The Grey School of Wizardry by Logan Porterfield on SL11B Beguile

2142nd: Second Life Military Community by LordBob Boa on SL11B Spellbound

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Project by Loredana Loring on SL11B Beguile

distanSLab by Loren Alunaia on SL11B Spellbound

Interractic Music Machine by Lorin Tone on SL11B Spellbound

Gachatopia by Lucius Templar on SL11B Spectacular

Tiny Life of Luna and Bo by Luna Twilight on SL11B Pizzazz

Media: Creating Fashion Empires by Lybra Rage on SL11B Spellbound

Dragon Curve by Mac Kanashimi on SL11B Wonderous

Mining Minds at UTEP by Madeline McMinnar on SL11B Pizzazz

Coalition Football League by Magee Ohare on SL11B Wonderous

The Highlands of Scotland by Magnus Brody on SL11B Pizzazz

Second Life Coast Guard (SLCG) by Marchmain on SL11B Spectacular

Mad Garden of Eden by MarcoAntonioDiego Rhapsody on SL11B Enchant

Building an Empire in Bay City by Marianne McCann on SL11B Fascinate

Childhood Imagination by Matthew Querrien on SL11B Beguile

iluzora by Mayah Parx on SL11B Spellbound

Jenna McKlis’s new Concepts by mcklis70 Resident on SL11B Beguile

Dare To Dream To Fly by Meg Madrigal on SL11B Spellbound

The Foundry…Shared Cogitation by Mellifera Szondi on SL11B Spellbound

Razmataz Second Life Journey by Melonie Romano on SL11B Spectacular

Empathic Eccentricia by Merit Coba on SL11B Fascinate

Brazilian Minds by michely blogger on SL11B Pizzazz

Future Shadows by mikka luik on SL11B Wonderous

Philomenaville Welcomes You to the New Century by Mistletoe Ethaniel on SL11B Beguile

Future Insight by Mistress Bonde on SL11B Pizzazz

Nature With Wind, With Life by Mitsuko Kytori on SL11B Spectacular

Dreams in the Box by Moewe Winkler on SL11B Wonderous

A Dollhouse Dream by Monavie Voight on SL11B Beguile

Beautiful days by Moon Falconer on SL11B Pizzazz

SL Takes the Cake by MsMoneyPenny Pixelmaid on SL11B Wonderous

Fire Reign by Natalia Radinovic on SL11B Spellbound

The Art of Neeks Karu by Neeks Karu on SL11B Spectacular

Oceania by Nephelle Lanate on SL11B Spectacular

Motorcyclists by Niceguy Serenity on SL11B Spellbound

Dream My Prince, Art Installation by Nintin on SL11B Pizzazz

“From Ashes To The Evolution Of The Mind” by NL Sperber on SL11B Fascinate


K.O.: A Broken Dream by oceanida on SL11B Astound

Birdhouse Semiotics by Ole Etzel on SL11B Wonderous

The Sim Scouts – Creating Tomorrows Leaders Today by OliverRed on SL11B Beguile

BioBreeds Brainstorm by Ozzie Drucker on SL11B Spectacular

Confederation of Democratic Simulators by patroklus murakami on SL11B Beguile

SL Surfing Associations by Petra Xaris on SL11B Pizzazz

Rockcliffe University Consortium by Phelan Corrimal on SL11B Pizzazz

Phobos Jamberoo Machinima, Music and Photography by Phobos Jamberoo on SL11B Pizzazz

Relay For Life of Second Life by Pinkie Fellini on SL11B Fascinate

haha by Pol Jarvinen on SL11B Astound

Back from the Future by Pyewacket Bellman on SL11B Fascinate

Quantum Entanglement Communications Tower by Qwark Allen on SL11B Wonderous

Giant Snail Races in 3D Snail-o-Vision by RacerX Gullwing on SL11B Fascinate

International Spaceflight Museum by Rachel Corleone on SL11B Pizzazz

Crossroads – Transylvania by Night WOD/VTM by Ravenal Ashby on SL11B Beguile

Story of the Blue Crystal by Ray Weyland on SL11B Spectacular

Second Life Marine Corps by reconkangas on SL11B Spectacular

Reaching Across the List by Ricci Juliesse on SL11B Spellbound

SL11B –  Sluniverse Community by Robert Jung on SL11B Beguile

HUNT SL by Rosamoo Mendelsohn on SL11B Fascinate

Peace Time by rowanessque whitewood on SL11B Wonderous

Prim Perfect & Designing Worlds by Saffia Widdershins on SL11B Fascinate

Kannonji Zen Retreat by Samadhi Quandry on SL11B Pizzazz

Wakei-Seijaku by Sariwo Moonwing on SL11B Pizzazz

AviewTV-Stardate by Secret Rage on SL11B Pizzazz

Commune Utopia – Fun Hippie Community of Art and Music by seductive dreamscape on SL11B Wonderous

Empire of the Future by Serendipidy Haven on SL11B Spectacular

Welcome to Elf Circle by Serina Juran on SL11B Spectacular

Shimeri’s Art by Shimeri Messmer on SL11B Spellbound

Vietnam 1970 – A Living History by Sidney Pobieski on SL11B Spellbound

Virtual Ryukyu: continuation of a dream by Silverfox Rainbow on SL11B Wonderous

Photographing in Second Life by sisi biedermann on SL11B Spectacular

Nirvana Island by Sky Wildmist on SL11B Pizzazz

“It Takes a Village,” showcasing FP mesh plants by SkyeRyder Varriale on SL11B Spectacular

HHVET Victoriana by SnakeLady Melody on SL11B Beguile

Job World by Snazzy Zepp on SL11B Wonderous

Enhanced mind by Solkide Auer on SL11B Enchant

Serenity Park by Sowa Mai on SL11B Wonderous

Agatha Dreams/Wake Agatha by steadman kondor on SL11B Astound

Novus ordo seclorum by Steadman Kondor on SL11B Pizzazz

Sanctuary CCS Dark Role Play Community by Stevie Basevi on SL11B Wonderous

Hang Drum SL by Stuart Grainger on SL11B Spellbound

The Future of Computers by Subus Tremor on SL11B Spellbound

The Bubble by Sunshine / Yellow Core on SL11B Beguile

Suzanne Graves by Suzanne Graves on SL11B Wonderous

The Avilion Pavilion by Suzie Sewell on SL11B Beguile

“The Garden of Abandoned Stories ~ Talullah Winterwolf” by Talullah Winterwolf on SL11B Wonderous

From Omega to Alpha (Da Zapotocky SL11B) by Tammy Nowotny on SL11B Enchant

“Photodynamic” by Tani Thor on SL11B Astound

Secret Garden of the MInd by Tara Yeats on SL11B Spellbound

Empirical Clothing for the future in SL11B by Tattoo Lane on SL11B Astound

National Space Society in SL by Tesla Miles on SL11B Enchant

SL Aviation by Tig Spijkers on SL11B Spellbound

Eternal Realms by Tintin Tuxing on SL11B Fascinate

Dare to Dream by Tori Landau on SL11B Beguile

SLL11B Freebie Store by Treacle Darlandes on SL11B Fascinate

Satellite SL11B Freebie by Treacle Darlandes on SL11B Wonderous

Secular Spirituality Centre by Tricipian Serendipity on SL11B Enchant

Transgender Lounge by Trinity Dejavu on SL11B Spellbound

An Open Core SL11B by Uan Ceriaptrix on SL11B Spectacular

House of Dun by Vain Adder on SL11B Beguile

Gianfar Peaks by Varian Altney on SL11B Spectacular

Emphatic Eccentricia: Monkey Mind by Veleda Lorakeet on SL11B Enchant

DragOn Science by Vinhold Starbrook on SL11B Beguile

Just Imagine Thinking Outside the Box by Vita Theas on SL11B Pizzazz

The Four Ages of Information by Vivena Resident on SL11B Spectacular

NCI Expanding the Mind by Wellington Beam on SL11B Spellbound

Second Life Spanish by Wilson Voight on SL11B Beguile

Tensegrity by Wizard Gynoid on SL11B Fascinate

The Gay Archipelago Steps to Tomorrow by Xcept Atlas on SL11B Spellbound

YavaScript pod tours @ SL11B by Yavanna Llanfair on SL11B Spectacular

The Mind of God by Yman Juran on SL11B Pizzazz

Plot 25 Yooma Mayo by yooma mayo on SL11B Beguile

Buchwelten by Zauselina Rieko on SL11B Enchant

Dive into the Future by Zuza Ritt on SL11B Spectacular


The empires of the future are the empires of the mind. ~ Winston Churchill

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