Exhibitor Policies

Exhibiting at SL11B Community Celebration requires a few steps. Please review this entire section and make sure you can comply with the requirements before you apply to save yourself time.



Only one parcel will be given to an individual or group.

We will contact you via email with an acceptance letter or any request for clarification. Respond to any requests for clarification promptly so we can confirm your application.

In the past, some applicants have lost their acceptance letters and requests for clarification in Spam filters so please check your junk folders as well.

Notifications will not go out until right before the “Sims Open to Builders Day. You can check the timeline for the event here  for updates.


Parcel Claim

If you have been informed that you have received a parcel for SL11BCC, you will be able to gain access to the exhibitor sims. Do not ask for access before this time.

To get in you will need to do the following:

1. Join the Second Life Birthday Community Group.

2. Ask for an EA (Exhibitor Assistant) in the Second Life Birthday Community group chat.

NOTE: Please be patient. The volunteer EAs are working as quickly as possible, and will handle requests in the order they see them in the group chat.

3. When an EA is available, they will tell you in the group chat to check your IMs.

  1. The EA will IM you. Let them know that you’re ready to proceed.
  2. Accept the group invite to Second Life Birthday Exhibitors group.
  3. Accept the teleport offer.
  4. The EA will give you a slice of birthday cake that contains helpful notecards and other goodies. Open it!
  5. Have these ready on a notecard for the EA: Parcel Name, Parcel Description, Parcel Texture (full-permissions texture), Build Assistants you would like added to the access group (Maximum of 4. YOU +3 helpers), Music Stream URL, Media Stream URL, Deed any objects (A land radio or media player), and Landing Point. NOTE: You can request these at a later time but it helps a lot if we can do it all at once.
  6. The EA will tell you who your Sim Coordinator is.
  7. Set your group tag to Second Life Birthday Exhibitors group.
  8. Rez a prim on your parcel to claim it.
  9. NOTE: If you do not claim your parcel or respond 2 days after being notified, your parcel will be offered to the next person on the standby list. A prim on your parcel shows that it is claimed.
  10. Have fun.


Second Life Birthday Exhibitors Group

If you need additional assistance while you are building, please ask in the Second Life Birthday Exhibitors group chat. An Exhibitor Assistant will assist you as soon as one are available.

The Second Life Birthday Exhibitors group is designed solely for the purpose of streamlining information between staff and Exhibitors at the SL11BCC. You may ask questions in the group and request invitations to the group for your builder assistance, but idle chat is discouraged.

For exhibitors who would like to discuss their exhibits, speak with other exhibitors, share ideas and tips, or play games, you can join The Second Life Birthday Community group if you don’t mind general discussion.

Please do not not ask for an invitation to the Second Life Exhibitors group if you are not an exhibitor.


Building Inspections

To ensure an enjoyable and fair experience for all visitors and exhibitors at SL11BCC, official building inspectors will inspect all exhibitor builds.

You are required to have your building inspected at least once prior to opening. When your build is finished, ask for a building inspector in the Second Life Birthday Exhibitors group chat. It is very important for you to have your exhibit inspected by a building inspector as early as possible, because this will allow you time to correct any issues early.

When a building inspector is available, they will walk through your exhibit to ensure that your build follows the building policy. This should happen within approx. 24 hours of your request. If there are any concerns about your exhibit, the building inspector will notify you.

If a building inspector has an issue with your build they will attempt to reach you via IM, and then by notecard.

There will be a final inspection of all exhibits during the sim shutdown.

NOTE: Your exhibit will need to comply with all policies before the opening day or it will not be included in the celebration.


Builders’ Rules And Policies

SL11BCC staff will enforce compliance with these building guidelines, and they may ask you to adjust your build to comply.

NOTE: Set your group tag to Second Life Birthday Exhibitors group before you rez your build. Objects rezzed under the wrong tag will be auto-returned.


Parcel Specifications

Here are the specifications of your parcel at the SL11BCC:

32m by 32m: Each parcel is a 32 meter by 32 meter square. Please keep inside the boundaries. This includes the “bounding box” of non-phantom sculpties and mesh.

Exception: Phantom tree branches that overhang the sidewalk. These must have at least 2 meters of ground clearance, be set phantom, and must not be excessive.

Terraforming: Exhibitors may not terraform their parcels. Contact a Sim Coordinator for any terraforming requests. Only minor terraforming will be allowed, and it is at the discretion of a Sim Coordinator.

Height Limit 100m: Your build must be under 100 meters tall, and it must be built from the ground up. If for some reason 100m is not enough, please contact your Sim Coordinator to discuss it.

Exception: Floating objects that are integral to the build, such as clouds or birds.

No Skyboxes Or Floating Signs: You may not use skyboxes or floating signs that advertise your build.



A good build can be interesting, interactive, and inspiring. But too much of a good thing can cause performance issues.

269 Prims: You have 269 prims (or land impact units) available in your parcel.

Avoid Physical if possible: This includes builds that use or cause collisions. Physical prims can cause performance issues. Please minimize their use. Exhibits that use the physics engine must be reviewed by a Sim Coordinator to ensure that they do not cause performance issues when a sim is filled with visitors.

Avoid Temporary: Temporary prims can cause performance issues. Please minimize their use, and tell a Sim Coordinator if you are using them. Also, any temporary prims will count toward your prim count total.

Example: You have 269 prims in total, if you use 10 temporary prims then the rest of your build may not exceed 259 prims.

10m x 10m x 10m Floors: Any prims you walk on should be a maximum size of 10m x 10m x 10m. Any prims (floor or otherwise) larger than that should be set to Phantom.

Phantom: Try to set as much of your build to Phantom as possible.

Sculpts and Mesh: Sculpts and Mesh are allowed, but use standard prims or quality, low poly Mesh when possible to minimize load time for objects and textures.

Minimize Glow, Full Bright, Shiny, and Particles: Overuse of these can cause performance and appearance issues. Please minimize their use.

Link Build Together: Link your build together into as few Objects as possible. This will allow visitors to other builds to Derender your build as needed for better photography.

Maximum Texture Size 512×512: The maximum texture size is 512×512. Also, keep the total number of separate textures used in your build to reduce load times. Consider combining textures, and using repeats and tinting. Mesh textures can be 1024 x 1024 but must  make efficient use of the texture area.

Megaprims: Old megaprims (made by a 3rd party and not able to be changed in size) should not be used. We prefer to use the max prim size of 64x64x64 (parcels are 32m × 32m so this should be ample).



Scripting allows for wonderful and interactive builds, but can cause performance and privacy issues.

No Greeter Or Counter Scripts: Greeter and counter scripts can cause performance issues, and they also cause privacy issues. Do not use these.

Avoid Listening and Scanning Scripts: Listening and scanning scripts can cause performance issues. Please minimize their use, and tell a Sim Coordinator if you are using them.

Clickable Givers: Clickable item givers (notecards, landmarks, gifts, etc.) are allowed as long as the content is relevant to the exhibit or exhibitor. But notecard givers that spam passers-by are prohibited.

Example: An Adult-oriented community could build a General-rated exhibit at the SL10B Community Celebration that includes a landmark-giver to their home region.

Floating Text Floating/Hover text is allowed as long as it doesn’t interfere with other builds.



Non Commercial Policy

Your display at SL11BCC should not be commercial. Exhibits promoting buying and selling of goods and services will be removed.  We understand that commerce is a very important part of Second Life, but this is an exhibition, not a mall or sales fair. Your build should look like an exhibit, not a store or an advertisement. No Selling is allowed and no advertising will be permitted.

Exception: Giving away freebies or linking to a freebie on the Marketplace is fine.

No Tip jars Or Soliciting Donations: You may not rez any object which collects money or asks for contributions. While we appreciate the efforts Residents make to inform, educate, and encourage support of charitable causes, this event cannot be used as a vehicle for the procurement of donations for charity. We make one exception to this rule – please see the performance rules below.

The SL11BCC  staff will have the final decision whether a build follows all guidelines or must be removed. All decisions are final.




We pack a lot of exhibits on to each region. Please be fair to your neighboring exhibitors so that visitors can access their exhibits, too.

No Performances: Your exhibit is not to be used a performance/music/DJ venue for the entirety of the event. Your parcel is not an event venue. Having a party/parties is fine, but scheduling artists to perform for whole blocks of a day is not acceptable. These will bring in crowds that will make it difficult for visitors to access other exhibits on the region. Instead, book a performance venue or lecture area for your party or performance.

No Camping: You may not hold contests that cause large numbers of avatars to congregate at your build for long periods of time.

No Bots: A scripted avatar bot can cause performance issues, and it also reduces the number of avatars that can visit a sim by one. Do not use these. Instead, use a welcome sign with a clickable giver script to offer up information or gift items.


Other Content Restrictions

No Copyright Or Trademark Infringement: You may not use real life or Second Life brands, logos, sounds, or graphics that you do not own and do not have the right to use. As a rule of thumb, if you didn’t create it, or if you don’t have written permission to use it, don’t. This includes the use of the logos for Linden Lab, Second Life, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You must follow the usage rules of content owners.

No Hate-Oriented Materials: You may not use or display hate-oriented content at your SL11BCC build. If you are not sure if something is hate-oriented material, contact a Sim Coordinator.

The SL11BCC regions have a firm General rating. You can read more about the general Event Policies here.
You may not display content that would defame, ridicule or disparage other residents or Second Life. Any content that is deemed offensive, harassing, insulting or bullying will be removed and the owner will be removed from the event. This will be determined by the staff of SL11BCC,  at their discretion,  and all decisions are final.


The empires of the future are the empires of the mind. ~ Winston Churchill

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