Staff and Sponsors


Lead Staff
Marianne McCann Event Co Lead
Event Coordination
Event Historian
Doctor Gascoigne Event Co Lead
Entertainment Lead
Exhibitor Lead
Doc’s Assistant  Uccello Poultry
Event Staff
Pygar Bu
Diana Renoir
Roads Team
Diana Renoir
Pygar Bu
Skye Galileo
Infrastructure Team
Doctor Gascoigne
Diana Renoir
Exhibit Team
Diana Renoir Exhibit Assistants Lead
Sec Mod Coordinator
Land Team
Ladyslipper Constantine Volunteer Coordinator
Harper Beresford Social Media/Web Lead
Saffia Widdershins PR Group Lead
Harlequin Rhode Graphics Guru
Vivena Resident Photographer
Pallina90 Loon Machinamist
Land Team
Sim Coordinators
Pygar Bu
Sullybaby Gomez
Pixelprophet Lane Script Wizard
Marianne McCann
Libbytulips Oleander
Diana Renoir Senior Lead
Ruby Vandyke
Pod Tours
Yavanna Llanfair Tour Guide
Time Capsule
Will Webb Historian
Treacle Darlandes Greeter Lead
Stage Leads
DudeCansing Live
Golan Eilde DJ
Linda Sautereau Cake
Doctor Gascoigne
Linda Sautereau
Uccello Poultry
Auditorium Team
Stage Builders
Kazuhiro Aridian DJ Stage
Loki Elliot Cake Stage
Aki Shichiroji Live Stage
Infrastructure Builds
Pygar Bu Auditorium
Donpatchy Dagostino Welcome Area


Special thanks to the following folks:

Cerri Lynagh – Staff Shirts
Toady Nakamura – Staff Shirts
Oliver Myles Gilman – Staff Shirts
Story1982 Resident – Staff Shirts
Sullybaby Gomez – Staff Badges


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Lusch Audio Shoutcast Hosting, owned by TJ Lusch.
Thank you!

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